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About the Producer

Honrado Vineyards – Vinho de Talha Artesanal is the result of a family project between father and son, two generations committed to the continuity of the wine from Talha made in Vila de Frades, which is still made here as in Roman times.

António Honrado, the father, manager of the famous Restaurante Típico País das Gravas and producer of wine for more than 15 years, not letting the legacy of his grandfather and father disappear, making about 25 to 30 bottles per year. Genuinely proud, the thought led him to ensure that these traditions were not limited to Vila de Frades and the Alentejo, waiting for whoever it was to become aware of this heritage. I wanted to spread beyond the Alentejo this millenary way of fermenting grapes in clay pots that has remained unchanged, through the transmission of knowledge and art that has been passed from grandparents to parents and from parents to children or over successive generations. And he decided to invest.

He teamed up with his son, Ruben Honrado, a great lover of design and marketing and travel, having lived in the United States, who was in charge of all the marketing and communication part of the "Talha" project.
The project that unites these two generations is transposed into the updated image of the bottle without losing respect for the history, culture and tradition of Vinho de Talha. The company's logo keeps this symbiosis alive by portraying the silhouette of the Roman Ruins of São Cucufate, the Roman monument that was built in the 1st century, where the oldest traces of wine production in clay jars were found.

And so comes together yet another project committed to keeping alive this core heritage in the region of Vila de Frades, recognized today as "the Capital of Talha Wine".

With their wines, they ensure the maintenance of tradition through the very Alentejo white varieties Antão Vaz, Arinto, Perrum, Roupeiro Laureão and the reds Tinta Grossa, Aragonez, Trincadeira, Alfrocheiro and even Alicante Bouschet, and with them they create two concepts corresponding to two ranges made up of white and red wines, the Original and the Singular.
The Original corresponds to “Talha”, the first wine brand launched by Honrado Vineyards, and represents the most genuine values of what a talha wine should be, the wine that is most faithful to the knowledge and ancient production techniques.
The Singular, on the other hand, intends to go further. It wants to be the naked and raw representation of the singularities of the elaboration of the wine of talha. The vases were never or are all the same, they vary in size, porosity and different thicknesses, leading to unequal oxygen and temperature levels from vase to vase and therefore the fermentations are naturally individualized in each vase. In other words, despite often being made with the same grapes, the wines made from the awning have the particularity of being all different from each other due to the unique touch that each awning gives. Therefore, each wine will always be singular and unique, unrepeatable. This is Honrado Vineyards' Premium range, the best wine from the best vintages of the year, bottled in a special, very limited edition bottle.
A heritage of such great significance, in a history of men that is intertwined with the history of vineyards and wine, could and cannot fail to be shared and show the world the best that is done in Vinho de Talha. With this purpose in mind, Honrado Vineyards created the Cella Vinaria Antiqua (Historical Wine Cellar) in 2018, in a space recovered and restored to its original form to share a little of the ancient knowledge of how to produce wine from carving, which is in a building centenary and which has always served as a cellar.
The Cella Vinaria is one of the highlights of the immersion in the essence of vintage wines, to which Honrado Vineyards adds a set of truly unmissable wine tourism proposals. For visitors eager for knowledge and flavours, the choice is not easy between the various visit and wine tasting programmes, which cannot be missing the snack, deeply ingrained in the typical and welcoming Alentejo hospitality and in the tavern culture of carved wine. The sessions of Cante Alentejano, or simply Cante, is a symbol of the Alentejo and of the whole world, classified in 2014 by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it is a complement to the Gastronomy experiences at the Restaurante País das Uvas along with the Wine Tasting. Talha Wines, or simply Visits to Cella Vinaria Antiqua. For the most curious and committed to the secrets of the art of the wine of Talha, there is no lack of Training on How to Produce Wine of Talha offers the customer the possibility of experiencing all the stages of artisanal wine production. Nothing has been overlooked, from the Team Buildings Experiences packages, to the private events.

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