The Founder

Pedro Gallego, a wine collector for over 30 years, from an early age, he wanted to know the whole history of the wines that he bought. From their inception, the grounds and regions from which they came, their antiquity, the families that held them, the generations they had been through, the traditions they held, in short, all the values ​​that bring us even more flavor and more excitement when we taste and drink Portuguese wines.

He grew up in a traditional family being the 5th of 6 children. His parents, a lawyer who was also engaged in antique auctions and his mother, a historian at the National Museum of Ancient Art, immediately involved him at an environment where history was permanent and enriching. Married and father of 5, he always dreamed of being able to pass all this richness and knowledge throughout the world.

After completing a degree in Business Management and upon founding companies in the field of communication, he quickly began to live closely to and to understand the importance of brands, their values, their traditions and, above all, with the importance that is to achieve their history and values to be known to the consumers and pass from generation to generation.

It is then that in 2014, he decides to create Outwine.

Straight away with a great mission, to provide to the World access to wines from selected Portuguese producers, passing all the knowledge acquired until then about all the key-players of this old Portuguese industry and one of the oldest in the World.

And about a country that has the oldest system of appeal in the world - the Douro Region - and which among others such as the Vinho Verde Region, produces some of the most exquisite, exclusive and valued wines in the World. About a country that has two wine producing regions protected by UNESCO as world heritage: the Alto Douro Wine Region, where the well-acknowledged Port Wine is produced, and the Pico Island Vineyard Culture Landscape, where there is production of some of the most exclusive wines in the whole World. About a country with a vast amount of native grape varieties (about 285) that allow a great diversity of wines with rather different and distinct personalities.

The guide “The Oxford Companion to Wine” described Portugal as a true "treasure of native grape varieties".

Believing in these goals, he continues to find more stories to tell, more wines to share, day after day, and trying to make all these emotions go far beyond his borders.