Delivery and Return Conditions

The acquisition of products in the Outwine Online Store is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

1 - Each and every alcoholic drink available for sale in the Outwine online store can only be acquired by people of legal age, in their country of residence (if you have any questions, contact us).

2 - The description, image and any other information concerning a product displayed in the Outwine Online Store may be altered at any time in our sole discretion. The images that illustrate each product may differ from the delivered one.

3 - All the prices displayed in the Outwine Online Store may be altered on our sole discretion and may be out-of-stock.

4 - Under the actual Portuguese Law, Outwine is obliged to add The VAT amount at the statutory rates of 6%, 13% or 23% for all products according to case. The prices displayed always include VAT. The VAT amount can be deducted for businesses or individuals with legal registration in a European country.

5 - If Outwine won’t be able to supply a client’s order, whether in part or in the whole, for immediate shipping, the client will be contacted immediately in order to arrange the best procedure to solve the problem.

6 - Outwine orders are usually delivered by a transporter hired for it but they also can be delivered by own distribution.
Usually, the orders take three to five working days to be delivered in Europe and 5 to 7 days in other places (except situations we are not responsible for such as natural catastrophes)

7 - The client will have to pay for the order before finalizing it. Only after the payment reception will the order be shipped. Any payment made in a posterior moment, may be subjected to changess on the availability of the product or on the expenses. If no payment is received within 5 days the order will be cancelled.

8 - The delivery of the orders will be made in the forwarding address, freely designated by the User in the request form. Outline will not be held responsible for any problem concerning the non-delivery of the order as a consequence of imprecision or falsity of the data provided by the User, as well as, if the order will not be delivered due to situations which the transport company hired for it cannot be held responsible for, such as the absence of the recipient. When payment is made after 3 p. m. the order will be processed on the following working day. The order will be delivered as soon as possible and, in any case, always before thirty (30) working days after the confirmation of the order.

9 - All products shipped by Outwine must be examined by the client as soon as the order arrives. Should any imperfection or damage be detected in the product, the client should return it to the transportation company, clearly justify the devolution in the delivery note and immediately notify Outwine, that will promptly solve the problem (see item 10)

10 - Outwine is not responsible for the delivery in countries whose Laws do not allow alcoholic drinks. Therefore, the apprehension of the order will be the sole responsibility of the client. In case of devolution, Outwine will only refund the product’s sum. If you have any doubts, please contact us prior to placing your order.

11 - All clients have the right to terminate their contracts with Outwine and by doing so they have the right to exchange or return the products according to Law-Decree 143/2001 and Law –Decree 82/2008 of 20/05. However, the product can not show any sign of having been used and must be returned exactly as it has been shipped, in its original package. Any product that will show sign of usage will not be considered for exchange or devolution. After receiving the item, Outwine reserves the right to deny exchange if the item will not fill in the requirements of this policy.

12 - Exchanges will be processed within a 3 to 5 working days’ deadline after the product’s reception.
In case of defect, Outwine will replace the defective product for a similar one, whenever it will be available and all devolution and posterior shipment expenses will be covered. If the product could not be replaced, its sum will be refunded or the User can choose another product with similar features.

13 - Outwine can cancel orders that will originate inaccurate sums due to computer errors, in which case the buyers will immediately be refunded.

14 - The value of the products can be displayed in different currencies, but all orders will be made in Euros by the bank after finalizing the order.
When the orders are made in a different currency than Euro, the value displayed during checkout will be an estimate of the final value based upon the Euro current exchange rates and does not include any taxes, fees or custom duties that may be applied.