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Honrado Talha Premium 2021 Red

Honrado Talha Premium 2021 Red

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Honrado Vineyards – Vinho de Talha Artesanal is the result of a family project between father and son, two generations committed to the continuity of the wine from Talha made in Vila de Frades, which is still made here as in Roman times.

Natural wine, produced artisanally through the millenarian technique of fermenting the grapes in clay amphoras. This technique which had come from the Roman times, has remained unchanged over more than 2000 years of history, moving thru generations through popular wisdom. It is in the region of Vila de Frades (Vidigueira), a small village with less than 900 inhabitants in the heart of Alentejo, that this tradition has been kept alive, and that is now recognized as "the Capital of the Talha Wine".

The Unique One
The fact that each amphora have different size, porosity and density, causes that the levels of oxygen and the temperature at which grapes are subject to fermentation is different from amphora to amphora. This means that even if made from the same grapes, amphora wines have the peculiarity of being all different from each other due to the unique touch each amphora confers. It is therefore impossible to replicate a batch, which consequently ensures the uniqueness of this type of wine. On November 11th, tradition dictates that the amphoras are opened and the wine tasted for the first time. This is when the producer have the opportunity to taste all of his wines, and in which he usually chooses the best of the year, that usually is only shared with friends and family. Our “Premium Talha” represents that story: the best pot of the year, bottled and numbered as a limited edition.

Mediterranean climate

Soil Type
Schist soil

Hand-harvested in small boxes, and divided by grape variety. Destemming and crushing of the grapes in a mill. Natural fermentation in amphoras (clay pots) which are previously coated and waterproofed with beeswax and resin. Malolactic fermentation also occurs inside the amphoras. The wines were kept in contact with the wine masses until November 11th, but aged in clay for approximately 6 months.

% Alcohol/ Vol.: 15,0
Total Acidity (g/dm3): 5,4
pH: 3,66
Total sugars (g/dm3) 0,5

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Grape varieties

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Soft, with good freshness and
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