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About the Producer

The fruits of a meeting between a scientist’s dream and a unique terroir in Bairrada, the wines of Luís Gomes have witnessed a noble and notorious way among the wine enthusiasts, the critic and the region fans.

Biochemist, devoted to a career surrounded by science and technology, only a deep passion could explain why Luis Gomes got involved in winemaking. That was exactly the case.

Upon completion of an MBA in management and marketing, Luis obtained a master's degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, where he acquired in-depth knowledge of good viticultural and oenological practices. After that came the dream. The project of a life: to extract from Bairrada’s calcareous soils, the wines of your imagination. Authentic wines, full of character, to perpetuate the alchemy of rainy winters, mild summers, maritime climate, sandy soil, clay-limestone, in which Luis Gomes pays homage by calling his insignia, appropriately, Giz (chalk).

Giz starts with the recovery of old, century-old vineyards with native grape varieties planted in poor soils. Baga and Maria Gomes predominate there. Productivity, of course, is low. Sustainable vineyard cultivation respects biodiversity without the use of herbicides. Winemaking follows ancient processes.

These conditions allow the creation of surprising, complex, elegant wines, full of freshness, structure and minerality. Wines such as Vinha Velhas red: varietal of Baga, fruit of century-old vineyards, with an 8-month stage in French oak barrels. A serious case of elegance and complexity, which earned 18 po​​ints from Revista de Vinhos.

Blend of the region’s varieties, the White of Vinhas Velhas is boosted by the Bairrada limestone soil, until reaching the pinnacle of its freshness, minerality and elegance.

A unique and remarkable wine is the red Vinha das Cavaleiras. Created from a unique portion in which the Baga variety predominates, it staged 20 months in French oak barrels, which originated only 1400 bottles of a complex wine, full of character, to which Revista de Vinhos earned 18.5 points.

With a small but prestigious portfolio, the wines of Luis Gomes are already an excellent post card of the noble region of Bairrada. The expression of an extraordinary terroir, the dream of a life we can taste in dream wines.

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