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Herdade Vale D'Évora

Herdade Vale D'Évora Discórdia Reserva 2020 White

Herdade Vale D'Évora Discórdia Reserva 2020 White

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Herdade Vale d’Évora is located a few kilometers from the beautiful village of Mértola, in the lower Alentejo. The 550-hectare property located in the Vale do Guadiana Natural Park enchants with its landscape of great beauty. It is a wild game reserve, an immensity of hills and undulating terrain that meander the Guadiana river and very close to the village of Mértola. Visiting the estate is like a safari, seeing rabbits, hares, partridges, and even the Iberian lynx. At the same time, this is a wild beauty, with a harsh climate, where the poor shale soils and the scarcity of water mean that the vine lives on the edge, in a constant struggle for survival.
It is the proximity of the Guadiana river that brings some moderation and provides the fundamental acidity to the final balance of the wines that are made here.

Grapes are havested by hand. The clusters are completely destemmed. Partially fermented in new 500 liter French oak barrels. Partial aging in barrel.

Analytical Parameters
Acidity: 5,7 g/l
Enologist: Filipe Sevinate Pinto
ABV: 12,7% vol.
pH: 3,30

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The Winery

Herdade Vale D'Évora


Filipe Sevinate Pinto





Grape varieties

Arinto, Antão Vaz, and Verdelho

Alcohol content





Produced from grapes of the Arinto, Antão Vaz and Verdelho varieties, it is a wine of great distinction and aromatic complexity. In the mouth it presents structure, fat and freshness contrasting with the climate where it originates.

Serve at a temperature of 8/10ºC


Grandes Escolhas - 17

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