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About the Producer

To a rhythm only passion can justify, Soito Wines, created in 2013, has already conquered national and international trophies, having been considered one of the iconic producers of the Dão - one more hint that something very serious is about to happen in this fascinating region.

What can we expect from our first years? That they reveal all the youth’s energy and open up to the promise of a harmonious growth. These are the first years of Soito Wines and its wines - full of character, created for eternity.

The company was created in the beginning of 2013 to exploit a family estate situated in Mangualde, Viseu, the heart of the Dão Wine Region - Quinta do Soito – that possessed six hectares and a half of vineyards. Soon it expanded through the acquisition of another estate nearby – Quinta do Cabeço de Rola – with seven hectares, and the Vines & Wines team was hired for professional oenological support.

The momentum soon started to flourish. The first wine would be presented in 2015 and exhibited cross borders in Prowein 2016. An auspicious start for the red 2013 Soito, that would be awarded with the Gold medal in the 2016 Decanter and the Silver medal in the International Wine Challenge in the same year. Made from the recommended vine varieties from Dão - Alfrocheiro, Jaen, Tinta-Roriz and Touriga Nacional – it displays a delicate aroma with hints of ripe red fruits, cassis and blackberry, black pepper, cocoa and vanilla. With a well-structured body, firm tannins, good volume in the mouth and persistent finish it shall be, like the great wines from the terroir, likely to be worshiped and collected.

The Soito Reserva Tinto and the 2015 White and Rosé followed and were triumphantly welcomed by the Critic. In the Concurso Dão Primores, that distinguishes the best wines in the producer of the region, the company has been awarded with 4 golden diplomas for 2015 red wines and a silver one for the rosé thus becoming the estate with more awards in the Dão region.

The triumphs of Soito Wines are the result of an obsession for the art of making high quality wines where no detail is left behind. The cellar has been built from scratch, using the slope to integrate gravity in the process of winemaking. Projected by the architect Perdigão, the author of a remarkable portfolio in the winemaking area, it unites the contemporaneous technology to the respect for the traditional methods of the Region. Always receptive, invites the visitors to tour around the showroom, the fermentation areas and the iconic room of the estate, where the French oak barrels of the most famous cooperage of the world - Taransaud, L’Adour, Seguin Moreau – stand.

Very seldom the ambition of creating great wines has been presented to the public in such a sudden and complete way as it has in these first years of Soito Wines. The teachers’ couple that one day embraced the calling of the elegant family estate is now aiming at wine tourism and export. If the current commitment is maintained, soon the world will be acquainted to Soito Wines.

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