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About the Producer

A partnership between João Póvoas and Anselmo Mendes, two great figures of the Portuguese winemaking industry, brings to us a remarkable portfolio of boutique wines with extraordinary quality. A path that honors Bairrada region as it should be honored: with creativity, a steady hand and a rare talent that everyone recognizes.

João Póvoas knows the Bairrada region vineyards since he was a little boy, from the good old days when he used to help his father in the harvest during summer school holidays. The wine that was made, one of the great reds of the Baga vine variety that became a reference in the region, contributed to the legendary harvests of the luxurious Hotel do Bussaco.

With such a promising beginning it comes as no surprise that João Póvoa, a grown man at the time, had accumulated the demanding tasks of being an ophthalmologist with his love for winemaking. First he created the brand Quinta de Baixo that would reach a remarkable set of awards and then, in 2005, came these Kompassus wines that soon reached the top of the rankings in wine magazines and contests.

The collection includes high quality red, white and sparkling wines. The cooperation with the famous oenologist and producer Anselmo Mendes famous in the Vinho Verde Wine Region, since 2012, reveals his fascination and knowledge of the Bairrada region and has originated the adoption of the Verdelho and Alvarinho vine varieties that reach an extraordinary expressivity, freshness and complexity in this terroir.

This distinct portfolio has earned a great variety of tributes. The most famous is probably the Kompassus Private Collection. This red has reached 18 in Revista de Vinhos, the Grande Medalha de Ouro in the Portugal Wine Trophy 2016 and the Prémio de Excelência 2016 in the Paixão Pelo Vinho magazine. A Baga varietal, made with grapes from very old vineyards, it has a remarkable consistency, displaying the superior qualities of the vine variety. The Blanc de Noirs is a sparkling wine made with red vine varieties and was the only sparkling wine awarded with the Prémio de Excelência from Revista de Vinhos in February 2017. João Paulo Martins praises it for its delicacy, structure and acidity that reveals “an excellent gastronomic aptitude” ideal for “noble fish” or sashimi.

The mono varietals premium white wines Verdelho, Alvarinho and Private Collection are well known to the wine lovers. The second and the third have obtained 17.5 in Revista de Vinhos, reaching the Melhor de Portugal category in 2016 and the Alvarinho was elected “Melhor do Ano e Região” (Best of the Year and Wine Region) according to the same magazine.

The Kompassus Baga 1991 – Colecção Privada, a 220 bottles exclusive edition, combines quality, price and fame. This mono varietal of the vine variety is named after his intense color, very fine aroma; is very complex in the mouth and has obtained excellent classifications from the critics João Afonso (18.5), João Augusto Moreira (98 out of 100 points) and Luís Lopes (19) in their wine publications.

This remarkable path forecasts a radiant future for the endless talent of João Póvoa and Anselmo Mendes, the two men that have dignified a sublime region with its vine varieties that touch perfection.

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