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About the Producer

The story is recent. Officially, KeepitNatural starts in 2019. A few years earlier, in 2014, Pedro Salvador, born in Porto and with an international career in management, moved to Ponte de Lima. The rural world conquers it. He fell in love to such an extent that two years later he was already a master in Organic Agriculture. His entrepreneurial streak led him to revive the family traditions in wine production of his ancestors and his wife. The couple acquires Leiras de Lamaçães with about 1 hectare in the parish of Gondufe in Ponte de Lima and another parcel of Leiras de Vilar in Gemieira, also in Ponte de Lima, with about 0.5 hectares where they plant new vineyards.

If the project is very young, these areas have a long history. There, just a few hundred meters from the left bank of the Lima River and about eight kilometers from the village of Ponte de Lima, everything is inspiring. And these mountain slopes provide a privileged location of scenic beauty and environmental quality of life.

It is in this interior of the sub-region of Lima, dominated by granitic soils, where there are also soils of schist origin, and a distinctive climate that reveals the great potential that leads to the creation of wines of the highest quality. That was the reason to settle in this very special place.

KeepitNatural's will and purpose is not to be one more in this wine region that experiences unstoppable dynamics and that attracts many from inside and outside. The goal is to do the best, make the highest quality wine, guided by the values of respect for nature, humanity, circular economy and sustainability.

One of the first tasks, in 2020, was the recovery of the oldest vineyard, a vineyard with more than two decades of life. They always believed that it was possible to revive this ecosystem against suggestions and comments to the contrary, and that time was wasted. Trusting that life is made of choices and options, yours were made a long time ago. Knowing that the path is not easy and that few believe in this region, they adopted, against everything and against all prejudices, the rules of the organic production method. No rush and no breaks, as they assume.

In 2020, the first harvest took place and which resulted in 1,000 bottles of white wine from the Loureiro variety, in which they applied all their energy in a wine made with great passion. It is with the brand STILLA PURA that this first wine hits the market in 2021. STILLA PURA, from the Latin Gota Pura, translates the desire to produce naturally, supported by ancestral family and scientific knowledge.

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