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About the Producer

Wine is a passion, they say! By virtue of this passion, those who love the nectar of the gods are affected with pleasure, who are affected by odors and flavors, which leads to carrying this feeling, without beginning, patent without a glass and then being taken to where everything is created, let yourself be taken ashore.

Filipe Barreiros Cardoso, was unable to evade the spell of this passion, did not resist to it and allowed himself to be ensnared by his dream. The dream of making his own wine. Of the trips around the world, done at high speed, he gave himself the cadence to see and taste, see and understand how to make the best. Like many new projects, to the will and desire, the tools of knowing how to do come together, that rationality that allows the washing of emotion to stay alive.

The dream materializes in Alentejo lands, in Alter do Chão, a calm and serene village, with an extensive past, placed in Alto Alentejo, with acclaimed natural and agricultural resources. History, nobility abound in here. And with this project, another story is added, in a property also long lived, dating back to the 17th century, the Herdade Papa Leite, which takes its name from the “Papa Leite” riverside, located between Alter do Chão and Cabeço de Vide, which borders the property to the North. There are 320 hectares, a property revitalized shortly after the acquisition in 2009, with the introduction of Aberdeen Angus cattle, in 2013 the first vineyards and olive trees were planted. In 2017 the first harvest marketed in 2018, especially the white wines C50 and C51.

This codification of the names of the wines is already original, and results from the insight of Filipe Barreiros Cardoso, a consequence of some bureaucratic difficulties. Therefore, instead of names, each wine has a reference according to its aging period, see:

C50 – White wine always made in vat number 50

C51 – White wine always made in vat number 51

B51 - it is the white wine C51 from the 2017 harvest, but which, after leaving the vat, aged for 18 months in light-toasted 'Ermitage' Hybrid barrels. Very limited production barrels and biennial edition.

B62 - Red wine that, after alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, aged 20 months also in new 'Ermitage' barrels of French oak.

The only exception to this rule is applied to the limited edition of Alicante Bouschet wine in 3-liter bottles (Double Magnum), only 400 bottles, which although aged in barrel, the producer named him JBC, in honor of his father, João Barreiros Cardoso.

In this area of ​​the Alentejo, through this Northeast Alentejo, it is known and known to oenophiles, that the wines here are different from the generic idea of ​​Alentejo wine. A specific terroir is hailed here. The wines here do not conform to the flat smoothness of flavors, they are more alive, they retain freshness of some altitude, the annual thermal amplitude and significant rainfall, less common in other areas of the region.

A Difference present in Herdade Papa Leite wines can also be found in the less common blend of grape varieties. A white wine made from a blend of Moscatel, Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Sémillon is in itself curious and tempting, it makes you want to get up from the chair, because of the excitement of not forgetting to meet you. It's really unique! Also, in the reds, the character is marked by the great grape varieties of the world, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot in unique combinations, which joins Alicante Bouschet. For the Alentejo pronunciation to be felt in some way, but more importantly, for complexity and distinction, the management of old vineyards, much sought after by these lands, was guaranteed through partnerships with neighboring producers, by those who want to do something different and good.

Aromatic whites with a marked freshness, powerful reds, muscular, deep and fresh. Remarkable complexity, in which nothing is done by mistake, everything results from the combination of many details, from the vineyard, the soil, the barrels made to measure and by measure until the wine reaches the glass. As an example, and with regard to the barrels where the wines age, the producer went on purpose to the Cooperage Ermitage, one of the most prestigious in the sector with regard to the most exclusive wines, and personally selected the type and quality of oak that he wanted for its barrels.

These are wines that promise excitement at the table and in the glass, promise not to be indifferent and that is enough to have to know them!

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