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Bebes (drink in portuguese), therefore, you also comes (eat in Portuguese)! And then! Bebes.Comes or bebespontocomes, a very well-crafted and happy term, such as an expression that sounds as a motto, echoes the intuitive manifest very clear and defined of two linked and interconnected pleasures, some may say, solidary pleasures. Like drinking does not go by without the eating, Joana does not go by without Pedro. Like the liquid fluidity of the “Bebes” does not pass by without the palpable conscience of the “Comes”, the same occurs on Joana’s writing that does not pass by without the photographic illustration of Pedro. They are an inseparable team! They became an indivisible union, intimately united and together on the passion for the taste and fascination by the wine, as the pleasure of the gastronomy.

This Journey of pleasure, of wine and gastronomy, multiplied in several journeys, along trips and adventures, in multiple and diverse multisensorial experiences. To Joana and Pedro, that could not just remain imprisoned on their inaccessible memory, that life experience had to be shared and exposed. With that in mind, in 2013, Bebes.Comes comes to life in the form of a blog. Experiences are shared, full of fresh and creative content and mostly a very positive spirit.

This was all done without wanting to consensually please the general masses. Quite on the contrary, everything was done with personal taste, individuality, personalized ideas, supporting those, that just like them, share the same way of being, who perform and work differently. Among projects here, initiatives here, trips there, fried and rich conversations, deep inside, an idea was formed, formulated, which was subsequently going up all the steps, finally reaching the top, a superficial layer, an idea, the dream, which immediately started and materialized: that of its own wine.

But it could not just be any wine made by anyone! It had to contain individuality, singularity, it had to correspond to their personality, the way to reproduce the spirit of Pedro and Joana. The image, the visual message of the bottle, could not just be another one out there. And it wasn’t! The image was built around innovation and creativity by well-known artists and illustrators in order to make the character of these Collection Editions shine, the name that refers to the collection of wines that were just born.

Whoever is lucky enough to have any of the Collection editions, even a small quantity, knows that will have a bottle with a unique image, a garment dressed with sentimental strength, dressed in passion. This wine would also have to be unique, unique in the expression of where it came from, an expression of the so-called terroir, the winemaker's interpretation would have to make the wine speak this language, it would have to nourish the taste, fill the style of Pedro and Joana. The winemaker, would be someone without a pre-conceived script, would be someone who somehow told them something, by attitude, or by friendship, that identified with the project, or any other reason, for Pedro and Joana's wine to be unforgettable to your eyes and the palates that would drink it. Collection wines are said to be wines of origins, traveling through various regions, mirroring the authors' taste for travel.

The Collection kicked off in 2013 with a Dão wine, a white wine, driven by friendship with the winemaker Lúcia Freitas, and which was intended to be a “genderless, democratic, appealing and very gastronomic” wine. Success! And what would be the next one? It would be “unavoidable” to come from the Douro. Rita Marques' boldness and irreverence came their way, due to “destiny”, they say. Rita who left her mark on the slopes of the Douro, signed the creativity and difference, personified a new Douro, which corresponded to the ideal of Bebespontocomes, of a “fresh, gastronomic and aging potential” wine. From old vines in this Douro, in 2014, under Rita's mastery, a “fresh and soft wine, with breadth and depth”. For their most recent edition, of 2018, Bairrada was the chosen region, the Baga grape variety, naturally obligatory, Luis Patrão the guest, not by chance, but for being “someone who has been dedicated to the recovery of the traditional grape varieties of the region and the production of authentic DOC Bairrada wines ”. Once again, the wine fulfilled the requirements already stated in the previous ones. Light, fresh, alive and gastronomic wines. Bebes.Comes Bairrada 2018, revisits the most traditional profile of the region, open colored wines, refreshing, genuine in the simplest taste, of those that “small farmers made for their own consumption”. Wines for social occasions at the table, to drink cooler. After all, the collection wines from Bebespontocomes are wines in the true sense of “food and drink”.

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