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About the Producer

In Alentejo, the wine production is a very ancient art. Quinta da Amoreira da Torre, with its noble architecture from the 16th century, takes us to that repository of ancient traditions through organic, authentic wines that integrate nature and man in an alliance between the past and the future.

Those who enter Quinta da Amoreira da Torre, in Montemor-o-Novo, Évora Wine Region, risks the involuntary chill that takes the traveler by surprise when he finds something sublime and unforgettable. From afar, among the cypresses, stands the manor house with the 16th century tower the estate is named after. Beyond a box garden, decorated with roses and a small shady forest, we can see the vineyards – 20 hectares of vineyard that are the soul and nectar of these lands.

There rise, in loam soils, gentle landforms, under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, in the same place where countless generations of producers thrive, the vine varieties that have brought fame to this region: Trincadeira and Aragonês, Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wines are those that the land produces. The microclimate from the estate, with remarkable freshness and humidity has allowed the vines to grow roots and extract all the nutrients from the soil.

In Quinta da Torre people believe that the true wine starts in the vineyard, in a dialogue with the sun and the nature. For that reason a sustainable, biological agriculture, certified by SATIVA is practiced: with no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, chemical or synthetic fertilizers; without watering the vineyard and with a minimum work in the soil.

In the cellar it is also demanded that the winemaking process occurs with minimum human intervention. The fermentation is spontaneous with indigenous yeasts. Nothing is added or removed from the must that goes under a very soft filtration with barely any SO2.

The reward for all this passion reveals itself in authentic, lively and true terroir wines, already recognized by the critic and awarded by several international trophies.

Quinta da Amoreira da Torre Reserva 2014, for instance, was awarded with the Bronze medal in the Decanter Wine Awards in 2016 and with the Gold Medal in the Mundus Vini 2017. With a dark grenadine color, from Alicante Bouschet and Touriga Nacional, it presents a complex aroma of plum, red fruits, spices, chocolate and bergamot, discrete hints of wood from the barrels where it has aged in a structured, elegant set with great complexity and persistence.

The Zebro wines are divided into Red, White and an interesting White made of Red Grapes with 100% Aragonês. The first, a blend of three vine varieties, is a fresh, young, spicy, very structured and interesting wine that has deserved a distinction in the Decanter 2016 World Wine Awards. The White stands out by its freshness and intense perfume from Arinto and Verdelho that compose it. The Zebro Blanc de Noirs, with strawberry, raspberries and wood toast hints is a structured, singular and very attractive wine.

Distinguished in the most recent Decanter Wine Award and awarded with the Bronze medal in the 2017 Challenge Millésime Bio, we have Amoreira da Torre Tinto 2015: a young wine with mulberries and plum, strawberry and mint, eucalyptus and spices, with round tannins - fresh and very irreverent.

The secular tradition of Quinta da Amoreira da Torre is very well displayed in their wines. With remarkable, authentic, organic wines that carry with them not only the terroir but also the passion of those who make them, it represents the noblest and more original side of this amazing region.

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