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Adega Marel

Adega Marel Tonico 2020 Red

Adega Marel Tonico 2020 Red

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It is located in Amareleja where the heat is so intense that the constant maximum temperature records are famous. Strong here are also the traditions of drinking a glass of wine with friends to accompany the little cheeses and everything that is pork among other delicacies. The freshness of the winery, the tavern and the hand-crafted wine help to catch up and the anecdotes that strengthen the bonds of friendship, make up much of the inspiring atmosphere and experience of the Adega Marel project.
Grapes of the Moreto variety, coming from two old vineyards – the “Bancaleiro” vineyard and the “Asper” vineyard. Harvested on the 2nd of September 2020, trying to maintain some freshness in this rustic late-maturing variety.
Hand-picked to 15 kg boxes, they were destemmed, trying to keep the berries as intact as possible. From the destemmer, the Moreto grapes went to two pots – the “Comisário” Talha and the “Mal-Talhado” Talha.
It is important to clarify that the names of the vineyards and hoists are the nicknames of the former owners that we use internally as a tribute to their legacy of work!
Fermentation went smoothly, using native yeasts and with some stirring of the blanket. It fermented in full contact with the films, in a fermentation that lasted about a month.
The new wine remained in skin contact until January 13, 2021 – when the set seemed balanced, and at a good time to leave the masses. We only used the teardrop wine naturally filtered by the pasta itself and by a reed full of sedge, without resorting to the press wine of these pasta.
We transferred these two wines from Moreto to a stainless steel tank, always full, where the blend was kept harmonizing until bottling, in August 2021. Before bottling, we did a light filtration and there was no thinning glue.

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Adega Marel


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Cured cheeses, charcuterie, olives, pork rinds and fried fish. Grilled meats, given its rich structure and juicy acidity.

Visually, it is an open ruby red.

The aroma is complex and has good intensity. Earthy notes and a slight smoke dominate, well integrated with red fruit – crushed strawberry, plum. Then come herbal nuances – thyme – and a slight aroma of cherry compote.

The mouth is lively, impresses with its juicy freshness. With a medium body, it is a wine of great amplitude. The tannins are smooth and crunchy in texture, with a long and very complex finish.



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