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Dona Berta

Dona Berta Vinha Centenária Reserva 2012 Red

Dona Berta Vinha Centenária Reserva 2012 Red

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The technology is very simple, respecting the venerable age of the old vine. The only concession to modernity was the stainless steel vats, where it fermented, and the selected yeasts with which fermentation was conducted. Even the press where the bagasse was squeezed was moved by force of arms. After fermentation and the first racking, the wine was placed in French oak barrels, where it rested, stabilized and refined for eight months. After that, he retired to a stainless steel vat, where he stayed for about a year, so that he could spend another winter, before bottling. This occurred in September 2015, after a slight bonding and fine filtration. It was not treated by the cold and may therefore form a slight precipitate over time, which in no way affects the quality of the wine.
The wine is ready to drink, especially for those who appreciate young wines. However, it will improve a lot with the bottle time, so it is worth saving some to keep up with its evolution. It will certainly provide many joys. Given its characteristics, it is clearly a celebration wine and for great moments in life.
Analytical Parameters
Alcohol by volume: 13.51% vol.
Total acidity: 5,10 g/dm3 (tartaric acid)
Acidity volatile: 0.80 g/dm3 (acetic acid)
PH: 3.85

The Winery

Dona Berta


Virgilio Loureiro





Grape varieties

Casculho, Cornifesto, and Tinta Bastardinha

Alcohol content





It presents a medium ruby ​​color and a good depth.

The aroma is rich, somewhat discreet at first, with hints of wild fruits, reminiscent of blueberries, dry vegetables, wet earth and oak vanilla.

In the mouth it is balanced and elegant, associated with the richness of tannins, and some minerality with a high acidity and alcohol content. The ending is triumphant, leaving good memories.


Grandes Escolhas - 18

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