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About the Producer

Quintas de Sirlyn is located in the municipality of Tondela in the heart of the Dão region, very close to Serra do Caramulo. Its history dates back to the 50s of the 20th century, the decade in which the first vines were planted which, even today, through the third generation, remain in operation by the family.
The project begins to take shape in 2002, through the family inheritance of Augusto Teixeira, owner and winemaker. Until 2012, they continued the tradition of selling bulk wine or grapes to other producers.
In 2011, the company Quintas de Sirlyn was born, destined for the bottling and marketing of its own wines. The purpose is to produce wines with a strong personal touch, but which express the character and elegance typical of Dão wines. The first bottled wines appear right away with the 2012 harvest, a white and a rosé that hit the market the following year. The first red hits the market in 2015.
It is a small scale project. Currently, the owners of Quintas de Sirlyn have as their main objective the creation of quality wines, for which they have a vineyard area of 4.5 hectares spread over the farms of Cerejeira and Linhar. The vineyard consists of a plot of old vines over 50 years old, 2 plots of about 25 years old, the rest having been planted in 2003 with the Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro and Jaen grape varieties.
Activities such as forestry, olive growing, fruit growing and wine tourism are also developed on the farms.
As a concept, they favor the natural balance of the ecosystem, where herbicides and pesticides do not enter the vineyards. In the cellar, intervention is kept to a minimum, drastically limiting the use of unnecessary additives.
Despite wine being its main activity, the idea is to keep the business as a family affair, ensuring control at all stages of production, from the vineyards to the final stage in the bottle before launching on the market. The reds, for example, only come out on the market after three years of aging after the harvest, so that there is an intended time of evolution and refinement.
Its wine offer includes a Jaen with a very elegant open colour; a very fresh and gastronomic red that combines the typical grape varieties of the region (Alfrocheiro, Tinta Roriz and Jaen); a Reserve red where Touriga Nacional joins the rest and has an aging in wood and which has the perfect partnership in the most intense dishes.
The reds are joined by two white wines. One of them is made from seven varieties of old vines, with partial aging in wood and another white wine, a Blanc de Noir de Jaen, without wood. And finally, a rosé wine from Tinta Roriz, also without the use of wood. A set of wines that the producer wants to have a gastronomic nature and that carry the personality of their terroirs.
In terms of wine tourism, on one of the farms, Quinta do Linhar has an area for accommodation with a suite with two double bedrooms with a maximum capacity for 6 people. You can enjoy tours through the vineyards, wine experiences, various wine tasting packages and buffet for groups.

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