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About the Producer

Portugal Wine Firm, established in 2016, is a young producer, small but very ambitious, focusing on the production of wines of the highest quality and, at the same time, imbued with character.

Its concept is based on the establishment of partnerships with small grape growers, where the spirit of mutual help prevails in the management and preservation of the vineyards.

From these grapes, which come from terroirs full of identity, they produce wines that demonstrate the character and the singular authenticity of their origin. At the moment, the Dão region is the cradle of their creations. The future involves making wines, with the same philosophy, in other regions. Wines that add “something new, but, at the same time, something old, distinctive and genuine”. Innovate, without forgetting the past!

It is in the winery located in Sátão that they operate the conversion of the grapes from the “four corners of the Dão” into wines filled with freshness and elegance, structured and distinctive. The white grape variety Encruzado, for example, comes from the bottom of Serra da Estrela, while Touriga Nacional comes from Silgueiros and Alfrocheiro from the Alva region.

By having old vines at their disposal, they also make wines which respect the field blend of mixed white and red grape varieties, harvested at the same time and vinified together, preserving traditions and the strong identity of these plots, “as the winegrower has always done”.

This is the case with the wine “Entrosado” - (E)n/T/ros|A|do - which brings together Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Jaen, Alvarelhão, Baga, Tinta Pinheira, Encruzado, Bical, Verdelho and Malvasia-Fina. The letters (E) for Encruzado, (T) for Touriga and (A) for Alfrocheiro, reveal the majority of the composition of the blend in more or less the proportion of 2/3 red and 1/3 white.

The white wines, for the moment, are made in a single varietal version or based on the Encruzado grape variety, using indigenous yeasts, fermentation and ageing in barrels and stainless steel, which ensure the freshness and minerality of the wines.

The reds are foot trodden and spontaneously fermentated , with gentle maceration and temperature control, aged in oak barrels or in combination with stainless steel, in order to refine and mould the ultimate shape of the wines.

In all of them, production is quite small, around 1000 bottles of each reference. They are intense, elegant wines, with exciting freshness and persistence. Wines with a true gastronomic sense, geared towards pure pleasure.

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