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About the Producer

Young and energetic, Nuno Vaz and Ricardo Sarrazola are no strangers to the portuguese wine world. Nuno Vaz collaborated with Anselmo Mendes, a mentor figure in the Verde region. Although their commercial project has had its kick start in 2017 with a small but bold portfolio, they have conquered the national and international critics since the first impression. Sarah Amhed entitled them as “exciting new arrivals” ­— and the wines live up to her words.

Nuno and Ricardo´s project holds since its inception a very evident trade of originality. The duo produces wines in the North of Portugal, in which are included both the Douro region and the Planalto Mirandês. There, they turn to local farmers with whom they establish meaningful relationships, on their search for terroir blends, very rare caste mixes at times, that naturally blossom at the properties, many times from centenary vines. It is a strategy that aims to salvage a forgotten legacy of aromas and flavours of the Portuguese winemaking, divided around three structures by geographical origin and winemaking methods.

Boina’s brand takes on the wines without wood, coming from Douro, being the Red a blend of castes native of old vines from Douro Superior and Baixo Corgo. It stands out for its purity, authenticity and concentration, as a deeply gastronomical wine with a bottom of freshness that enriches any meal. In the White Boina the predominant castes are the Viosinho, the Rabigato and the Códega do Larinho. It holds citric, white flower notes and it presents a very marked freshness, balance and minerality.

Regarding the wooden Douro wines, they were baptized Guyot. Fermented in mills and aged in Burgundy oak barrels, until they reach perfection. The whites have predominant origin from granitic soil vines, that grow in altitudes higher than 500 meters and are subjected to aging in thin lees with batonnage for, at least, 6 months. This explains its creaminess and complexity, without losing its freshness and minerality.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, we have the Goblet, originated from the mirandês plateau. It is there where the biggest old vines caste variety from this portfolio, can be found, a portfolio that Nuno and Ricardo brought together in a fastinating work of research and value of the winemaking legacy. Up until now, a white, a red from premature harvest, a little more mature red and a pallet were launched under this name. All produced under ancestral methods in a cellar from Vila Chã da Braciosa, Miranda do Douro. Clear, fresh and mineral wines, very gastronomical, that impress by the easiness with which they can be drunk.

Finally and always looking for the best that the regions offer, they found in Bairrada, one of the most attractive wine regions in Portugal, located in the west center, the vineyards to produce the well-known and famous sparkling wine, with centuries of history in Portugal. In the production of their sparkling wine, Dinamite, they used a classic method, known as "bottling without dosage". The most common grape variety in the region – Baga – is used in the production of the sparkling Dinamite Rosé, Dinamite Blanc de Noirs and Dinamite Blanc de Blancs where this 3 varieties predominate: Bical, Arinto and Chardonnay. The Dynamite sparkling wine is, without a doubt, a reflection of the region's terroir. It expresses the character and purity of the clayey soils of Bairrada.

It is not foolhardy to forsee that, with boldness and knowledge from the producers, as well the enthusiasm of the wine lovers, that other remarkable creations will be brought to us by Portugal Boutique Winery. Few producers have the ability to charm and surprise such a demanding public.

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