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About the Producer

It is in the heart of the Alentejo, in S. Miguel de Machede, a very old parish, between Évora and Evoramonte, where the view is delighted by the beautiful landscape that adorns these plains.

Not so old, but enough for the agricultural matrix to be distinctive, Monte do Álamo estate, has more recent dedication in viticulture. Despite having wine in its memory of time and viticulture being an integral part of its history, only in 2001 did viticulture rewrite its history on the 1000 hectares of the property and occupy the space that was once its own.

Today, the vineyard claims 32 hectares, the rest of this immense territory accommodates native cattle breeding, extensive olive groves, cereals, for industry and even for beer, among others. But for those who breathe agricultural tradition, as in the case of the Noronha Mendes de Almeida family, wine could not be missing. After all, this is a prestigious product for the region and one of its great ambassadors.

The natural, good and specific conditions existed, the competition and the offer of the region is vast. How to differentiate? First for quality, then for distinction. The distinction for today and for the future is made by traditional Portuguese grape varieties. And especially those that are made to the territory, those with a very Alentejo accent, with evidence given by the adaptation to the place. The search for a proper expression for the grape varieties that best express it.

The red varieties dominate, of the 32 hectares, the red varieties occupy almost the entire area with 27 hectares. The remaining 5 hectares are white grape varieties. The care and attention to current concerns, especially environmental ones, follow the path of integrated protection.

Those who taste the wines of this producer know that they will only find local flavors, as the Aragonês, Alicante Bouschet, Trincadeira, Alfrocheiro and Tinta Caiada varieties do not let the accent be lost. The only “foreigner” is Touriga Nacional. In white grape varieties, Arinto, Roupeiro and Antão Vaz, ensure the alignment of concept in white wines. Tinta Caiada and Alfrocheiro are two of the most widely used grape varieties in the red lots, which ensures additional interest and a refuge for those looking to know that flavor and a little more of their personality. Today, they are rare in the region.

The wines, in addition to the local grape varieties, are made with all the requirements. They show strength and juiciness in a dialogue with freshness and elegance that is difficult to get right.

In the brands, names appear to give strength to the family name, as in the case of Mendes de Almeida Grande Escolha, along with more modern and current names, such as ETC. White and Red. These wines were in 2006 and 2007 the visible beginning of the return to wine on the part of the project. The Vinha da Guiça range is incredible in personality, with Alfrocheiro in the spotlight, even in a brilliant mono-variety. The Arinto da Vinha da Guiça is a must, as is the original and unique rosé Vinha da Guiça Tinta Caiada.

If you are told that the wines of Alentejo are all the same, try the Vinha do Álamo and see for yourself if this is true!

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