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In the deep Alentejo, between Vidigueira and Reguengos de Monsaraz, Ervideira continues to honor the illustrious story of its founder with a remarkable portfolio of wines made aiming at the future, where the respect for the terroir and the modern winemaking techniques live together inseparably.

Since the 19th century the patron Conde d’Ervideira has been inspiring the family Leal da Costa, his descendants, with the legacy of innovation and modernity that he has brought to Vidigueira and Reguengos de Monsaraz.

Nowadays it is the fourth generation that runs the destinies of de 160 hectares of vineyards, distributed between Herdades da Ribeira and Herdadinha, ran by Maria Leal da Costa and her six children under the oenological supervision of Nelson Rolo.

Having reached a status of reference among the wines from Alentejo and a wide projection in the international markets; the wines Ervideira display the restlessness of a company that has never refused any challenge.

It was in these estates that Touriga Nacional has started in vineyards in Alentejo. It was in these estates that the first night harvest and the first grape transport in refrigerated truck were made. It was here that the first white wine made out of red grapes – the Invisível – was made in 2009. It is here that the wines age, for the first time in Alentejo, 30 meters deep under the quiet waters of the Alqueva dam.

The adventurous nature of the estate is based on an high quality portfolio, where a wine is only released in the market after rigorous testing and exhausting blind tastings. João Paulo Martins, in his reference guide Vinhos de Portugal, highlights some declinations of the brand. Among the sparkling wines, very famous in Alentejo, the Vinha d’Ervideira stands out with “good delicate head, very young and fresh in the aromas… very round in the mouth, good vegetable hints… very fine mousse, well covered acidity.”

Another remarkable wine is the Ervideira Invisível. A white wine made out of red grapes, from the Aragonês vine variety, can be distinguished by the “good floral and fresh fruit hints in the aroma… good structure and fruity color”, with “slight peppery hints that suit him fine.”

Among the table wines, the Conde d’Ervideira ones gather the premium wines of the estate. The red Private Selection, blend of Touriga Nacional and Alicante Bouschet with night harvest and temperature controlled winemaking, ages for 12 months in new French oak barrels. With a complex aromatic profile, very elegant, it has a pronounced structure with high persistence and longevity. João Paulo Martins gives it the enviable punctuation of 17. The white Reserva is another famous wine. It is a varietal of Antão Vaz with a subtle wooden aroma with ripe fruit and almond notes, projecting the lightness in the mouth with tropical fruit hints and good acidity. It is worth exploring the significant portfolio of the estate that includes other rarities such as a Vinha d’Ervideira Antão Vaz Colheita Tardia, among others.

With an impressive path that goes back to 1880, Ervideira has managed to capture, in the 21st century, the essence of the terroir from Alentejo without leaving behind the technical thoroughness, the innovation and the obsession for quality that distinguish the great winemakers. The first Conde d’Ervideira would not be able to disguise his pride if he would be given the chance to witness the triumph of the Leal da Costa family, his descendants, and of the beautiful estates and the excellent wine with which they pay him tribute, for the delight of the wine lovers.

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