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From the heritage of the Portuguese Crown, in the 17th century, the land jewel of the high bourgeoisie, the parchments of these 17 hectares that adorn the municipality of Redondo are illustrious. There, in the heart of the Alentejo, biological, sustainable viticulture is practiced, using artisanal processes. The wines, of course, don't belittle her.

The history of the farm Courelas da Torre is long, ancient and centuries old. It was the pride of the court. It was part of the privileged nucleus of the General Registry of National Chapels. In the 19th century, it became famous for producing distinguished wines in the main International Exhibitions of the time, such as Vienna, Austria or Philadelphia. Today, it is the heirs of a rich farmer from that time who bear witness to the excellence of Redondo. A project that they recently called themselves, and that they lead with enormous respect for nature. From the vineyard they keep only the best fruits, selling the rest to third parties. Vinification is carried out in loco, at Adega da Torre, using artisanal processes. The result is superb. Courelas da Torre red, a wine with biological certification, is produced without pesticides, without herbicides, after manual harvesting of the region's grape varieties. With 40% Alicante Bouschet, 30% Aragonez and an identical percentage of Trincadeira, it is vinified in a single varietal system, with short maceration, in stainless steel vats at controlled temperatures. It then ages for six months in bottle before being placed on the market. With a bright ruby ​​color, intense aroma of forest fruits, with subtle notes of chocolate and spices, it is a rich, elegant wine with tannins and a smooth and persistent finish, ideal for accompanying meat, cheese and sausage meals. No wonder, therefore, that it won an important trophy in 2017: a Gold Medal at the International Organic Wine Award, which took place in Bad Durkheim, Germany. The generations of aristocrats, burgesses and wealthy farmers who had been in charge of the Tower lands from time immemorial would toast with relish. And with a wine like that, who condemns them?

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