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In the northwest of Portugal, few kilometers away from the sea, Casa da Gazalha embellishes the Vinho Verde wine region with its fresh, light and dry wines, loved by generations of farmers that have formed a small group of enthusiasts.

The Vinho Verde Wine Region is bounded in the north by the border with Galiza, in the south by the high mountain ridges and in the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The influence of the sea travels through this natural amphitheater, filling the ancient vineyards, and their wines, with a freshness that delights the wine lovers.

Right in the middle of this territory, the three plots of the Casada Gazalha incorporate the colorful charm of the agricultural life and the local tradition.

The first plot, with little over than half a hectare, hosts Vinhão, a very traditional vine variety in the region, and produces two thousand liters of wine that does not get to be bottled for it is sold in the estate as soon as the harvest is finished.

The second vineyard, from the Trajadura vine variety, is situated in the lower area of the estate, where the nine thousand square meter soil is deep and moist, and produces four to five thousand liters of the original Casa da Gazalha wine.

In 2013 another plot of the vine variety was planted in a high plot, with a drier and poorer ground, eight thousand square meters long. It is in this plot that higher quality wines like “Colheita” and “Grande Escolha” are born.

Though it does not come specified in the label, they are monovarietals. The Trajadura, which matures so well in the region, is ready for harvest in September, before the rainy season, and gives the wines great consistency. It is characterized by its delicate aroma, slightly pronounced with excellent tasting.

The wines show great lightness and respect for the terroir. They are traditional, drier verde wines, unaffected by the tendencies of the season, with balanced acidity and alcohol strength of 10, 5 or 11 degrees, due to the proximity of the sea.

Casa da Gazalha Colheita 2015 produced 3300 bottles. The grapes, slightly pressed, fermented 20 to 25 days in stainless steel tanks under low temperatures which gave the wine the freshness and the tropical aroma emphasized by the slight bubble content.

Casa da Gazalha Grande Escolha 20150 took advantage of the unusual weather conditions of the harvest year. An outstanding maturation period has allowed a high quality grape selection on the third of September. Slightly pressed, they formed a must that fermented for 35 days in steel tanks at 15°. After the fermentation of the sugar, the wine rested in fine yeast lees and was kept in batonage for about a month. The process has originated a round wine with great aromatic complexity, velvety mouth structure, highly balanced that produced729 bottles and 203 magnums.

In the extraordinarily rich and varied ecology of the Vinho Verde Region, Casa da Gazalha shines among hundreds of small producers. Time, that decides everything, will be responsible for consecrating it and the beautiful land where it rises, in the imagination of those who love the wines of Portugal.

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