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At the majestic sight of the Douro Valley, two producers prosper under the guidance and orientation of a common company. Contemplating the North is the Quinta Beira Douro. Facing the South is Quinta do Malhô. The wines in here created have an element of difference and distinction. Along with the critical acclaim, the wines are the most perfect and gracious homage to the talent of Cap Wine.

The territories of Cap Wine tell us how rich, complex and diverse the concept of “terroir” can be. With over 10 hectares of old vines, the Quinta da Beira Douro extends across the river and benefits of a temperate climate, proportioning elements of elegance and freshness to its wines.

Quinta do Malhô, on its hand, occupies 5 hectares on a valley near the Torto River, an affluent of the Douro. It produces, from 80-year-old strains, a full bodied, complex and concentrated wine.

Despite these differences, there is a bond between the two territories: grape varieties, methods and recognition are some of the elements in common.

Over there, laying in shale grounds, variegated grape varieties in sinuous terraces shine. The Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and the Touriga Nacional set the main varieties. Tinta Amarela, Rufete, Tinta Barroca and Francisca, Tinto Cão and Sousão complete the lot.

The vineyard’s labor is man-made. The producers do not use herbicides, stating passion for the organic elements of work. The cultivation, by plow and horse, follows the ancient traditions.

The terraces system and the diversity of grape varieties, in some cases blends of over 15 types, justifies the low yield and high quality of the final product.

The traditional harvest in wineries of stone complete the part of ancient virtues, culminating in delicious wines, bowing down to modern times due to the controlled fermentation at low temperatures.

The Quinta Beira Douro Doc Douro presents a dark tone, with a violet reflex. On the nose it appears with a taste of mature fruits, without losing its freshness and red fruits aromatic intensity.

In the mouth, it is bulky, fresh, elegant and persistent. It obtained 93 points from Wine Spectator, 90 from Wine Advocate and 18 out of 20 points from Vinhos de Portugal magazine.

Quinta do Malhô should also be taken into consideration. With a concentrated aroma, harmonic tannins, excellent balance, comes with a lively red tone, purple, with elegant and complex nose, slightly toasted, combining hints of plum and licorice. In the mouth, it is unctuous, revealing mature and soft tannins of great volume. Here’s a wine deeply gastronomic awarded 91 points from Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast and 17,5 out of 20 points by Jancis Robinson.

Cap Wine also elaborates the Pilheiros Grande Escolha with a blend of Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz. This is an elegant and aromatic wine, with a long and surprising ending.

For the excellent work on the management of these two pearls of Douro, Cap Wine has been stating its vision about the Douro wines. A vision of deep respect for the traditions, the terroir, the techniques and, most of all, for the memories of wines that we all deserve

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