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About the Producer

In the old estates of Bairrada, among spas, living shreds of the Belle Époque and a trail of historical ancient heritage, a bunch of families has raised the production of wines (including the sparkling ones) and the usage of the indigenous vine varieties to a level of exquisiteness close to perfection. One of those families has been standing out for quite some time and that family is Campolargo, a symbol of the region.

The story has started with Martinho de Campolargo, a farmer from Mogofores that has become famous by his remarkable white wine, commercialized in bulk. Three generations later the destinies of his descendants are united to the vineyards through indelible roots.

The vines grow along the one hundred and sixty hectares of sandy and clay land with limestone notes that compose the two properties of the Estate – Quinta de São Mateus and Quinta de Vale de Azar. And that is the place where Baga, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Pinot Noir, Trincadeira da Bairrada or Periquita and Cabernet Sauvignon grow. Among the white ones Bical, Arinto, Cerceal and Verdelho found here their perfect terroir.

In the cellar, built in 2004, the grapes are processed according to a wise confrontation between traditional methods, especially with the sparkling wines, with modern technology and a biodynamical inspiration, increasingly natural.

From this gathering among 160 hectares of vineyard, indigenous vine varieties and winemaking guided by a remarkable integrity, emerges an internationally famous assorted portfolio composed by red, white, rosé and sparkling wines.

Among these, the Borga stands out. It is a super-premium made out of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, elaborated according to the classical second fermentation in the bottle method, with a minimum aging period of 24 months in the cellar. João Paulo Martins praises its nice color “golden, with brioche hints”, the “French tone that it has always possessed” and the good tasting of a dry sparkling wine ready to drink or to be stored.

In the famous Guia de Vinhos de Portugal, the white wines are highlighted, obtaining excellent classifications. Starting with the Arinto with “a very evident expression of the vine variety”, “very good elegance and much complexity”; followed by the white Cerceal, fine, subtle, “very serious yet very classy”. This series is completed with other successes such as a “very attractive in the aroma” viognier that was baptized as Diga? or a Bical “with a great aromatic balance, with fresh fruit, serene, delicate, always in an almost feminine feature”.

Among the red wines there is Contra a Corrente, an interesting blend of Castelão Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon and sometimes Tinto-Cão. It is a very stylish, round, full of freshness wine, a “full-bodied red wine”. Campolargo Baga is a living testimony of this great indigenous vine variety. João Paulo Martins describes it has having an “intense aroma, perfumed and clean with smashed wild berries, some attractive vegetable”. Medium – bodied with “quality fruit, very lively, firm tannin and deep acidity”, it is a strong wine.

Among the great wines of the Estate, Calda Bordaleza stands out. It is the result of an extraordinary alchemy between Petit Verdot, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and has received the highest classifications from the experts and was elevated by Revista de Vinhos to the select list of the best wines of the year.

In every wine region there are three or four producers that stand out through the quality, refinement and character of their creations. In Bairrada, that special place is now occupied by the Campolargo family. And the recognition of the great lovers, the praises of the critics and the repeated awards only corroborate what their peers have known for a long time.

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