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Born in 2012, Caminhos Cruzados stood out by the elegance with which honors the Dão Wine Region, creating a gallery of inspired wines that draw the attention of wine lovers to the qualities of this terroir in the North center of Portugal.

Only a few years ago, an entrepreneur from Nelas, in Beira Alta, returned to his origins in order to produce the wines he loved so much. Caminhos Cruzados, from Paulo Santos, has emerged from this calling. This project has already conquered the connoisseurs and stands out in the international circuit.

The Wine Dão Region is proud of the unique conditions that enable it to vineyard cultivation. Sheltered among Caramulo, Montemuro, Buçaco and Estrela mountains, the vineyards grow at an altitude of 400 to 700 meters in schistose and granitic soils, with some pinewoods here and there. Dão is the cradle to very aromatic, fruity and balanced white wines and full-bodied, with exuberant aroma reds that mature very well.

In Caminhos Cruzados local traditions are honored through the use of the vine varieties that make them unique: among the red – Touriga Nacional, born here, Alfrocheiro, jaen and Tintaroriz; among the white - Encruzado, Bicaland MalvasiaFina.

With 30 hectares of old vineyards, plus other grapes acquired from renowned producers, the winery offers the marked a very stimulating portfolio, directed to diversified people. The gateway into the market is the brand Terra de Nelas, composed by young, lively and careless wines. After, we have the Terras de Santar wines that show a modern, fresh, full of character Dão.

Then we meet the wines that first gave the winery its current prestige – the wines Titular, symbol of the new Dão. Embellished with the founder’s signature, made only with grapes produced in the winery, they seek the full elegance, the freshness, the purest expression of the terroir.

The Titular Colheita Branco, a blend of Encruzado, Malvasia Fina and Bical, with good acidity, structure, fresh and fruity aroma stands between two other wines that are declinations of the same white vine varieties that compose it: the Titular Encruzado/MalvasiaFina and the Titular Encruzado. The first one ages in stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels with batonâge and is complex, mineral with remarkable freshness. The second one is made only from the vine variety that gave it his name, goes under a similar process and originates a very fresh wine that evolves very well in the bottle, having been awarded with the Great Gold Medal ViniPortugal 2016 and Silver Medal in the International Wine Challenge 2016.

Titular Rosé is a monovarietal of Touriga Nacional, that ages in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature to reinforce the natural aromas of its vine variety. It is a young wine with good acidity, with structure and red fruits aromas with soft floral hints.

The Titular Colheita Tinto stands out among many others made from Dão vine varieties. Young, with a lively color, red fruits aromas and balanced tannins, it has received a commendation in the International Wine Challenge, 98 points in Wine Spectator and 16 points in critic João Paulo Martins’ Guia de 2016. The Titular Reserva Tinto, a blend of Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro and TintaRoriz, ages for 12 months in French oak barrels. It combines the aromatic exuberance of Touriga Nacional with the firm tannins of TintaRoriz and the acidity of Alfrocheiro in a very balanced ensemble.

Titular Jaen is an elegant wine that doesn’t go through a wooden aging process in order to fully express the freshness of the vine variety. Titular Touriga Nacional partially ages in French oak and is characterized by the floral aromas that distinguish the vine variety, in a very gastronomical ensemble. Both wines are monovarietals of Dão vine varieties. The first achieved the classification of 16.5 in Revista de Vinhos and 16 in critic João Paulo Martins’ Guia de 2016. The second was awarded with the silver medal in the International wine Challenge.

The Caminhos Cruzados premium brand, materialized in TeixugaBranco 2013, a successful effort to display in the most perfect way the true essence of Dão, has been recently released in an edition of only 1500 bottles. It is made with grapes from Quinta da Teixuga’s old vineyards, renowned in Nelas, and the predominant vine variety is Encruzado. The wine has aged for 19 months in new French oak barrels and another 12 months in the bottle. It is a wine with enormous character, very fresh and mineral, with vibrant acidity and delicate unctuosity. Infinitely aromatic and complex, very elegant, with a long and memorable after tasting, it sublimely ages in the bottle.

In a versatile combination of terroir and creativity, of tradition and modernity, Caminhos Cruzados has mapped out the new ways that lead to the triumph of the Dão Wine Region. No wonder that it has been awarded with the 2015 ProdutorRevelação title, granted by Revista de Vinhos.

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