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A Recent creation, from the breathtaking landscapes of the Azores, the white wines of Adega do Vulcão reveal us the full character of their native grape varieties, unusual soils, sustainable agriculture and unique winemaking, respecting the richness and exclusivity of the terroir. These are wines that tell stories and they want to be part of history.

Let's talk about two unique vineyards on an extraordinary pair of islands.

On the Island of Faial, the strains grow at the foot of the Capelinhos Volcano, which erupted for the last time sixty years ago. From its ashes arises the Azorean Arinto, a rare variety, very diverse, due to the aroma and complexity, distinct from the Arintos of the Mainland.

On the other hand, on the Island of Pico, the old vineyards thrive between the crevices of the slabs and the basalt corrals, right in the heart of the landscape that deserved the distinction of World Heritage.

It is the contrast between these soils with unique personalities, perhaps opposite, of the ashes of Capelinhos and the basaltic cloak of Ladijo da Criação Velha, that originates the two white wines of this producer. Influenced by the Atlantic breeze and subject to a minimal intervention during winemaking, the wines are revealed to have a vibrant, very mineral palate.

At this moment, the Rola-Pipa Reserva 2017 white and the Ameixâmbar Selected Harvest of 2018 are available. These are wines of great balance and liveliness with good acidity. The wines are produced by the experienced winemaker Alberto Antonini, illuminated by a deep analysis of the soils in that he was involved with the University of the Azores. With a medium body, dry, just with the right acidity, these wines go well with fatty fishes, shellfish or even pork.

Despite its youth, the producer suddenly came to prominence at the Blind Wine Tasting of the Azores, organized in 2019, where the white Ameixâmbar took the second place, while Rola-Pipa reached an honorable overall eight place.

To Rodolfo Silva and Dália Leal, founders partners of the Adega do Vulcão, it was an excellent surprise. Entirely deserved, we can assure.

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