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Quinta do Regueiro

Quinta do Regueiro Alvarinho Reserva 2013 White Magnum

Quinta do Regueiro Alvarinho Reserva 2013 White Magnum

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It is in Monção and Melgaço, on the northern edge of Portugal, that the Alvarinho grape is said to have been born and grown, even before any written record. With her, the producers who are dedicated to her were born and grew. Stoically, this grape variety came from the banks of the river Minho along the half slopes of the mountains, overcoming the opposition of terrain and altitude, proving the temper and resilience of the locals who placed great faith in the Alvarinho grape, until the recognized success of nowadays. This is the very short story of Alvarinho. But it could be the story of many of its producers who are dedicated to the Alvarinho variety. This is precisely the case of Quinta do Regueiro and Paulo Cerdeira Rodrigues.
Fermentation at controlled temperature, with advanced technology while respecting traditional methods.
Total Acidity: 7g / dm3
PH: 3.20
Profile: Dry
Expected Longevity
4 to 6 years

A Adega

Quinta do Regueiro


Rui Madeira




Monção e Melgaço



Teor Alcoólico





Very full-bodied wine, with volume in the mouth and a lot of freshness. The acidity reaches a remarkable balance in relation to alcohol, with a long and very persistent finish.

Some meats, fish and assorted seafood.


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