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Adega Mãe

AdegaMãe Atlântico 2020

AdegaMãe Atlântico 2020

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Cod is the heart and focus of the Riberalves Group’s activity. But within the family, the wine bug had been gnawing for a long time. The mix of rational business investment and emotion led to the birth of the AdegaMãe project in 2009, inaugurated in 2011. After all, despite the focus being cod, the family has always lived linked to the countryside, in the rural areas of Torres Vedras. The grandparents of Bernardo Alves, general director of Adega Mãe, had a vineyard and a wine cellar where a wide variety of wines from the region were sold.

Manual harvesting for boxes. Partial de-stemming, we leave 20% of bunches intact. Cold maceration for 2 days. Fermentation with tanning for 3 days, at the end of these days the must is pressed and fermentation ends in used barrels. Aging in barrels for 5 months.

Analytical Parameters
Alcohol Content: 13%
Total Acidity: 5.44g/l
pH: 3.7

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Open red color, not very deep, but bright. Good freshness and aromatic intensity marked by floral notes, fresh red fruits and slight spice. Lively acidity, light body, but well structured and vibrant on the palate, with young red fruit dominating the tasting and its long finish.

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