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There’s nothing better than a wine created by a man who loves what he does. Even more if that man is a Full Professor in the art of wine-making

For the unwary visitor, Quinta da Lourosa, in the Vinhos Verdes Wine Region, is nothing but a colorful rural destination for tourism. 40 km away from Oporto it welcomes meticulous tourists with its elegant strolls, gastronomical programs and historical or cultural itineraries. It is an excellent starting point to the discovery of the delights that the Northern landscape and monuments offer while enjoying the urban life amenities.

However, for the true wine lover, the Estate is even more vast and interesting for it is the laboratory, beacon and sanctuary of Professor Rogério de Castro, Full Professor of Viniculture. Over almost two decades ago, the Professor accepted the challenge of rebuilding and nourishing this ancestral Estate.

Having a sharp mind for priorities, the Professor started by recovering the vineyards and only after has he restored the buildings. The cellar was built from scratch and land was bought and leased in order to make circa 30 hectares.

With slope exposure facing south, rest the typical white vine varieties of the region such as Alvarinho, Arinto, Loureiro and the red ones - though in a considerably smaller area - as Touriga Nacional and Sousão. The vines, displaying an extraordinary refinement, reflect the full dedication of the Professor. It was in this Estate that the revolutionary vine training system known as Lys was first implemented.

Nowadays Quinta da Lourosa produces excellent Vinho Verde, characterized by its unusual freshness, abundant fruit and gastronomical character.

The Vinho Verde production has already conquered the critics’ enthusiasm. The Alvarinho stands out and was praised by João Paulo Martins who defined it as “well structured (…), very fresh and balanced”, with “good acidity and adjusted body”.

The Estate also produces sparkling wines and regional wines from Minho, elaborated under the watchful eye of oenologists Osvaldo Amado and Joana de Castro. Other innovations are foreseen for the delight of wine lovers.

It is not difficult to find inspiration in such an idyllic and radiant place enriched with colorful 17th and 18th century manors. For the Castro family – that inhabits the lands of their ancestors – every day brings a new joy, a tangible one, felt by those who visit them or taste their wines. The wines that the family takes pride in producing.

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