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Sem Igual

Sem Igual Sem Mal 2020 White

Sem Igual Sem Mal 2020 White

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Sem Igual (without equal), the ideal, aspiration, in the name of wine that guides the determination to do things differently. But what to do differently? Merely differently from the traditional, from the popular, from the usual wines of the Vinho Verde region, different from what the family did, over the course of four generations. Different from the family's wine tradition, João Camizão wanted to make “a more innovative wine, conceived as a white wine, with high acidity and a long and persistent finish”. Today it is João and his wife Leila, companion of this adventure, who turns into wine the will and the belief to do something different, but to do well, and to live in the skin of the vineyard, in the sun and in the rain, to live with the feet on the land, hands on plants and the spirit transposed in the personality of the wines.
“Historic” wine from the Vinho Verde region. A white wine that undergoes malolactic fermentation in the bottle. The result is a fresh, light and refreshing wine with a fine bubble. Expressive and vibrant aroma. The fruit notes reveal themselves as citrus to which a salty flavor is added. Very fresh, with “needle” and high acidity. Racking
10 days after fermentation and aging in bottle where malolactic fermentation took place. Unfiltered wine with low sulfur content.
Analytical Parameters
Alcohol: 11%
Total acidity: 8.2 g/L
Residual sugar: 1.5 g/L
pH: 3,94
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Grape varieties

Azal and Arinto

Alcohol content





Color: Unfiltered wine, slightly cloudy
Aroma: citrus, panification notes
Mouth: fresh, light, salty,slightly fizzy

Gastronomy: excellent with seafood (especially oysters), fatty fish, salads, pastas & cheeses and tempura.



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