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About the Producer

In timely fashion, Patrícia Santos, a talented oenologist, disciple of Anselmo Mendes and creator of critical acclaimed wines, launched a personal project entitled Rosa da Mata: a homage to her Grandmother. A tremendous start with an abundance of character, as expected from from the Dão Region.

Patrícia Santos, born in the beautiful lands of Canas de Senhorim, in the heart of the Dão wine Region, had the first contact with the wine production at a very young age. She has graduated at UTAD (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro) on oenology and since then, had accumulated a wide variety of professional experiences on reputed household names in the region.

It is along with Anselmo Mendes that Patrícia reaches seniority as an oenologist, sharing the creation of multiple acclaimed projects. At this point, a passion for the Beira Interior region starts to develop, a place observed as a second home for Patrícia. In that region, memorable wines were created, making use of typical castes such as Rufete or Fonte da Cal.

In 2016, confident about her recognized talent, Patrícia decides to launch the brand Rosa da Mata, as private and personal as possible, worthy of her Grandmother’s name.

The first Rosa da Mata wine had to be, as it was, a Dão red, from the caste Alfrocheiro. This was an immediate success with the critics acknowledging its qualities, most notoriously the magazine Grandes Escolhas. A wine of great freshness, with a distinctive aroma of eucalyptus, moss and herbaceous notes, vegetable with soft tannins and a persistent ending. Its softness and freshness evokate a rustic character, bringing a unique charm to these region wines.

As many philosophers and thinkers would say, you find everything you need to know on the first few letters of a book. It is only fair to predict this first wine from Patrícia Santos promises a long and bright future ahead.

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