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About the Producer

After contributing for the creation of some of the best wines of the Dão region, oenologist Lúcia Freitas returned to the family Estate to elaborate projects that harmonize the respect for the traditions with the dream of deepening the extraordinary character of the wines and the region she knows so well.

In Beira Alta, shielded from the elements by four different mountains, stands one of the most stimulating Portuguese wine regions. It is in that same region that very aromatic and balanced white wines and full bodied and complex red ones that slowly age in bottle are produced since the Middle Ages.

Two of the great native vine varieties have conquered the wine lovers: Touriga Nacional, which is a symbol of Portugal nowadays and Encruzado that produces white wines citrus colored, delicate, with great aromatic complexity and remarkably balanced.

This is the place where oenologist Lúcia Freitas, after spending a decade establishing a very rich portfolio for the producers of the region, has ventured in the exploitation of Quinta da Mariposa, which was owned by her grandfather, fulfilling the dream of creating her own wines.

Nowadays the estate looks like a garden, in scenic harmony with the breathtaking landscape of Serra da Estrela. With the help of her husband, Filipe Cruz, Lúcia harvests in those schist with granite outcrops soils, the traditional Dão vine varieties. The vineyards grow in integrated protection system, minimizing the environmental risks and leaving the agricultural and forest ecosystems undisturbed.

In what concerns the wines, the rules of the origin and the terroir are followed: respect for the grapes, minimum human intervention, follow Nature in order to better achieve each one’s identity. This strategy has originated a small yet fascinating sample of the best that the Dão region produces.

The first ones are the homonyms Mariposa DOC DÃO, white and red wines that homage the original traits of the wines of the region. The red is intense, complex and full bodied; the white is fruity, fresh and delicate – they both represent the ancient virtues of the terroir.

Above them stand two other wines that contribute to the renewed prestige of the Dão region.

The Bebes.comes by Lúcia Freitas is the result of an invitation made to the oenologist and a partnership with Magnum Vinhos in 2014. This blend of Encruzado and Cerceal that produced 1000 bottles displays a yellow citrine color and orange blossom, grapefruit, white orchard fruits aroma. It is mineral, with good citric acidity and texture in the mouth and has a long and persistent aftertaste.

The Sombrio, the white premium of the winery, is made from grapes harvested at night and the winemaking process is carried out in the absence of light. The oxidation is prevented carefully. It combines the Encruzado, Bical and Cerceal vine varieties in identical proportions and comes from the old vineyards of the magnificent terroir.

In her Project, highly promoted by the owner’s professional path, Quinta da Mariposa has surprised the oenophiles with wines filled with character that ennoble and renew the best traditions of the Dão region. For Lúcia Freitas and Filipe Cruz nothing else would be worthy of the land they love and the wines they fell in love with.

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